At MINT, we know that investing resources as efficiently as possible is the smart thing to do. That’s why we don’t believe in large structures, big offices… or big bills. We believe in a person’s talent and in hard work. Because big things can be achieved with desire, creativity, and effort.

And that’s Intelligent Marketing.

Because borders no longer exist, at MINT we can help you sell your products in Spain or China, France or India, Germany or Azerbaijan. And because we speak 8 languages and have worked on all 5 continents, we’re just as comfortable walking through Madrid’s central wholesale market as we are negotiating in the port of Hong Kong.

And that’s International Marketing.

Advertising, promotion, events, trade missions, public relations, trade fairs, digital marketing, consulting… since what’s important is the end and not the means, we place everything at your disposal and integrate it all in a single communications strategy.

And that’s Integrated Marketing