Pink Lady ®
Type of work: Promotion
Country: Spain

Since 2011, we have designed and coordinated point-of-sale promotions in Spain for the most glamorous apples on the market. Tastings, online promotions, prize draws, discount coupons, cookery demonstrations and point-of-sale materials represent just some of our activities.

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Flower Sprout ® / Kalettes ®
Type of work: Communication
Country: Europe

Given responsibility for the European launch of the newest variety of vegetable on the market, from coming up with an original creative and graphic concept  to rolling out an intensive PR campaign in Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, sales of Kalettes ® continue to grow. 

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Valdepeñas D.O.
Type of work: CMO Campaign
Country: Canada, Mexico and Russia

Under the OCM brand, we conducted an ambitious promotional campaign in Mexico, Russia and Canada on behalf of Valdepeñas wines, including publicity, PR, events, reverse trade missions, online marketing, etc. We also undertook promotional activities in the Spanish market.

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Government of Mexico
Type of work: Trade mission
Country: International

We have worked on behalf of the Government of Mexico since 2010, coordinating government trade missions to destinations such as the European Union, India and Indonesia; commercial agendas for agri-food trade fairs throughout the world, institutional events and reverse trade missions.

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Fruit Logistica
Type of work: Public Relations
Country: International

Since 2013, MINT has handled the communication campaign for the world’s most important agri-food trade fair for all of the Spanish-speaking markets. Our work includes a full time press office, monthly newsletter, events, social networks, spokesperson coaching, etc. 

Fruit Logistica |
Type of work: Gastronomic workshop
Country: Spain

We coordinated a gastronomic workshop in Madrid for the the Spanish foie gras association. During this event, specialized journalists and bloggers had the opportunity to taste various dishes prepared with Spanish foie gras, while at the same time discovering the secrets of raising these birds. We supported this action by sending press releases to industry media.

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